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How to Earn Millions With Killer Content

By June 18, 2018No Comments
How to Earn Millions With Killer Content

That’s right, millions.

Most publishers struggle to produce good content, create enough traffic, and monetize their content effectively. Our first few years in the business, we struggled in the same way as most. We interviewed, tested, hired and fired hundreds writers from the best writer portals on the web only to end up mad and frustrated.

It seemed no matter how good our writers were, they seemed to be able to produce feature-worthy content only about half of the time. The usable content they did write seemed to always require an hour or more of editing, reworking, and fact checking. After reworking an article, it had to be edited again by a proficient editor with fresh eyes to catch new mistakes from the previous editor.

What about the other half of the content? Even though the writer portals didn’t make us pay for “bad content” we learned that merely decent content was worthless. Worse than that; it still had to be paid for and to make it meet our standards, it would take our editors more time than doing a total rewrite.

After a couple years in business we started to track which articles were earning us $1,500 or more in Google Adsense revenue and which ones would barely earn $150. This led us to study what factors contributed to certain articles brining in a 10x or better ROI.

With the challenge to create killer content for a dozen popular websites, we learned that publishing success had very little to do with finding better writers. We had to create a system which could practically ensure that our content investments would pay-off most of the time.

As a result, was born.

We built the system for our own publications first, and soon after, we began accepting other client publishers who were also looking for publishing success.

Success leaves clues.

This is one clue you can use to get ahead much faster than most.