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Content Ready Staff

Meet Our Incredible Team!

Kathy Meader, M.Ed.

Content Development Director

Kathy lives and breathes for the challenge of managing people, tackling new projects and creating streamlined systems. She is especially fond of her daily adventures with spreadsheets, where she uses formulas, pivot tables, and formatting to bend data to her will. If she isn’t working, she’s probably acting out some epic, live-action roleplay story, hiking through the forest, or getting her hands dirty with another creative home DIY project.

Deborah Dera

Director of Brand Management

Deborah loves digging deep into the inner workings of the online world. Nothing excites her more than sleuthing through systems and statistics to identify “hidden gem” opportunities far beyond any client’s everyday expectations. When she’s not writing or marketing, she also teaches martial arts and self-defense classes. You can often find her curled up with a good book or a cat —  and definitely a cup of coffee.

Christina Drury

Editor/Content Manager

Christina is a true creative at heart who adores breathing life into brand-new ideas and concepts, whether in the written word or in her many crafty projects. When she isn’t working or researching an inspiring new topic, she likes to spend time indulging her inner bookworm and dreaming up new craft projects — because 1 (or 100) is never enough.

Sharon Fell

Political Division Manager

Sharon is a multi-talented professional writer, editor, project manager and entrepreneur with an incredible ability to “do it all” and make it look effortless at the same time. She loves God, her family, her dogs, keeping things organized, and sharing strong opinions on politics, religion, personal freedoms and how spreadsheets should look. When she isn’t working, she’s usually busy taking care of her beloved human and canine family.

Mandie Cait

Operations Manager

Mandie Cait is a creative superhero with a double life. By day, she serves as a copywriter, editor, and finder-of-solutions with a deep obsession for the English language and all things “written word.” At night, she comes alive by channeling her creativity into her cats, clay sculpting, and finding her way through distant video game dimensions.

Don Purdum

Featured Political Contributor

Don Purdum is a political consultant and Political Management graduate student at George Washington University. He is also an elected official in Lancaster County, PA, an advisor to Republican candidates, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and an entrepreneur. In his spare time, Don enjoys spending time with family, taking in military airshows, playing with the latest tech, and cheering on the New England Patriots.